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Home and Office Safes are those safes that are suitable for both use at a business, as well as usage as a home safe. They can store a wide variety of items and come in a range of sizes and styles to suit your requirements, either individual or as a business.

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Rotary Deposit Safe ATLAS SG80E

Large Rotary Deposit Safe with deposit chute for staff to securely deposit daily takings, the drop chute is large enough for bundles of cash or bags of coins, which fall into a seperate key locked compartment inside the safe.

ATLAS SG80E Large Digital Deposit safe is the secure way to store your companies daily takings.


$ 935.00 inc GST
(RRP: $1254.00)
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Locktech Jumbo Safe  ES031D Black

Locktech Jumbo Safe ES031D Black

Locktech Black ES031D Large Safe ideal for home and / or business use, this large fire-resistant safe has enough capacity to hold and protect all of your valuables and important documents from fire.

$514.25 inc GST
(RRP: $647.35)
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Locktech Digital Home Safe M015 Black

Locktech Digital Home Safe M015 Black

A  security, fire-resistant safe with an attractive and compact design.

An ideal choice for a home fire resistant safe to protect passports, birth certificates, cash and jewellery. 

$361.90 inc GST
(RRP: $471.90)
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Hotel Safe ATLAS SG20E

Hotel Safe ATLAS SG20E

ATLAS SG20E Hotel Digital Safe for Hotel and Motel rooms.

Designed to fit most Laptops, also ideal for secure storage of iPads, passports, phones and personal valuables. 


$187.00 inc GST
(RRP: $247.50)
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CMI Lockaway Safes  LA1K

CMI Lockaway Safes LA1K

These safes are ideal as a small security safe, and also comply with the minimum standards for a Category 2   Level H  Pistol Safe

All 6mm solid steel construction body and door.

$363.00 inc GST
(RRP: $387.20)
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