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Looking for a safe to store cash and valuables?

Security safes allow you to store your cash at your home or place of work, without the worry of someone stealing it. And as well as stopping theft a Security Safe will also provide protection from fire to your cash, ensuring that you can rest easy knowing that whatever happens you still have your cash for when you need it.

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Large Storage Safe Atlas SG140E

Secure Storage Cabinet Atlas SG140E

Secure Storage Cabinet ideal for retail shops allowing you to securely store merchandise, mobile phones etc.

Many uses for the office or warehouse, or at home for secure storage of power tools etc.

$ 792.00 inc GST
(RRP: $885.50)
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Till Drawer Safe TDS

Till Drawer Safe TDS


Ideal for storing till drawers, laptops etc

$506.00 inc GST
(RRP: $570.00)
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Locktech Safe M020 Black

Locktech Safe M020 Black

Locktech M020 Black security, fire-resistant safe with an attractive and compact design. One hour fire resistance rating


$396.00 inc GST
(RRP: $510.62)
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Deposit Safe ATLAS SG45E

Deposit Safe ATLAS SG45E

Digital drop safe with deposit chute for staff to securely deposit daily takings, the drop chute is large enough for bundles of cash or bags of coins.

ATLAS SG45E Deposit safe is fitted with a deposit chute for staff to quickly and securely deposit cash or bags of coins, which will drop down to the lower safe only when the trap door is closed, no access to lower safe when the deposit chute is open.


$539.00 inc GST
(RRP: $735.90)
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CMI Lockaway Safes  LA2K

CMI Lockaway Safes LA2K

These safes are ideal as a small security safe, and also comply with the minimum standards for a Category 2   Level H  Pistol Safe

All 6mm solid steel construction body and door.

$374.00 inc GST
(RRP: $425.00)
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